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The Runes of Kalevala is a 2D RPG that features local co-op and a story that tells the tales of Finnish folklore and mythology, The Kalevala.

The stories of the Kalevala go back as far as three thousand years ago and were told through songs, called runes, and were passed down through the generations. These tales would go on to inspire many others, most notably J.R.R. Tolkien in his writings in The Lord Of The Rings books. When playing the Runes of Kalevala you will be able to experience these tales that formed the identity of Finland as a nation.

The game features many ways of playing to allow you as a player to explore the world as you want to. Do you use the wits of wise Väinämöinen to outsmart and avoid direct battle with the adversaries? Do use the might of smith Ilmarinen to face the monsters roaming the lands head on? These characters of the Kalevala were all adept in many ways. How will you utilize their skills in you playstyle?

The download below contains our split screen demo. It is just to demonstrate the split screen functionality of the game.


Split Screen Demo

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